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Wednesday September 19th 2018

Tugu Soekarno Palangka Raya

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2032 palangkaraya1 300x214 Tugu Soekarno Palangka RayaTugu Soekarno is the laying of the first pole of Palangkaraya city . Before this monument stands, this area was originally named “Jekan”, approximately 3 km from Pahandut. This location was the first  inaugurated construction of Palangkaraya City on July 17, 1957 by President Soekarno.

This monument is located in the heart of Palangkaraya precisely at Jalan S. Parman, Pahandut District. Central Kalimantan. Extented of about 2.5 ha, open to all visitors every day. Easily accessible by public transportation, all types of vehicles can reach the site as well for pedestrians.

Location : Jalan S.Parman 


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