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Sunday July 12th 2020

Taman Pemuda / Taman Perjuangan

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taman pemuda 300x2251 Taman Pemuda / Taman PerjuanganTaman Pemuda is one of parks in Palangka Raya located in Jalan George Obos , Central Kalimantan, visited by local residents, from South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan and West Kalimantan who was passing by in the park.

This park contains reliefs of the history of Indonesian youth and Indonesia’s history , ranging from Budi Oetomo, Sumpah Pemuda , proclamations of independent of Indonesia by Soekarno, trough the construction of Indonesia on orde baru eras.

This place is not just a place to rest for everyones passing by, but also a place to photographed together.

Location : Jalan George Obos


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