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Wednesday September 19th 2018

Souvenir Shop Jalan Batam

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DSC 0465 300x200 Souvenir Shop Jalan Batamwhen we come to a place for vacations, it will feels incomplete when we back home without bringing a gift. In Palangkaraya , there’s a street that can provided you all the typicals hand made souvenirs originaly from Palangkaraya . Which is a shop complex on Jalan Batam. 

 Here, you can find all kind of stuff worthed as a special gift for your family in friend back home, or event for your own home decorations. This shop complex consist of more than 10 shop that sell typicals hand made souvenirs such as wicker or woven rattan craft such as bag and furniture goods, crafts from the sap of rubber such as Dayak tribe warship replica and kerajinan getah nyatuamethyst, benang bintik craft, mandau and telawang , dayaks carving, and many more.

With a very affordable price, its a very suitable place for your souvenir hunting ground. Cheer your friends and family’s day by this Central Kalimantan souvenirs that can be purchased here.

Location : Jalan Batam Palangkaraya ( Pasar Blauran )

Maps of Jalan Batam Palangkaraya

Pictures of souvenir shop complex Jalan Batam Palangkaraya

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