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Sunday July 12th 2020

Sandung Ngabe Sukah

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sandung1 300x177 Sandung Ngabe SukahSandung Ngabe Sukah is a tomb of the founder Palangkaraya, located on Pahandut district. Sandung is a small rectangular building, made of ironwood Poster / concrete, a place to store the bones of the dead (aftertiwah ceremonial).

Sandung established in Bukit Pahandut, behind the house ofNgabe Sukah (a respected figure in  Pahandut village, and as the first head of the village, under Kademangan Sawang, around 1928).   Moreover, under this sandung, we can see a cannon belonged to Ngabe Sukah.

Location : Jalan Dr. Murjani turned Jalan Darmo Sugondo  (towards the Rambang harbor)


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