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Wednesday September 19th 2018

Museum Balanga Palangka Raya

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balanga 300x225 Museum Balanga Palangka RayaThe museum is located at Jalan Tjilik Riwut Km 2.5 with an area of approximately five (5) hectares. The museum is located in the City of Palangkaraya and easy to visit because it is open every day from 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM and has a tour officer.

This Museum holds the collection of Dayak cultural heritage and all that relates to the history of the Dayak as: Ethonografika, historika, arkeologika, numismatika / heraldika, various ceramics and traditional jewelery.

This Museum also stored many traditional tools frequently used by the Dayak tribe in ancient times such as “Mihing” (a traditional fish trap), clothes Karungkong or Sulau Sangkarut clothes, or clothes Basurat commonly used in rituals and weapons such as Dayak tribe Mandau, Sumpitan (blowpipe), Duhung and others. Seen from the collection owned, this museum can represent a traditional Dayak culture, particularly suitable for studying Dayak culture as well as for pedagogical activities.

Location : Jalan Tjilik Riwut Km 2.5 


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