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Sunday July 12th 2020

Landmarks in Palangka Raya

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Jembatan Kahayan on Flickr by Yudi Darma.jpg Landmarks in Palangka Raya

Jembatan Kahayan Palangka Raya

Kahayan Bridge is located at S.Parman street, Pahandut District Palangkaraya. With length of 460 meters and width of 9 meters, the bridge is located…

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2032 palangkaraya1 Landmarks in Palangka Raya

Tugu Soekarno Palangka Raya

Tugu Soekarno is the laying of the first pole of Palangkaraya city . Before this monument stands, this area was originally named "Jekan",…

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bundaran besar 300x198 Landmarks in Palangka Raya

Bundaran Besar Palangka Raya

Bundaran Besar located in the heart of city, the center of Palangkaraya . Bundaran Besar is currently a place for peoples gathering and interact. In…

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rumah betang Landmarks in Palangka Raya

Mandala Wisata Rumah Betang

Rumah Betang or in simple English called Long House is one of characteristic of the indigenous Dayak in Central Kalimantan, which has a unique and…

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sandung1 Landmarks in Palangka Raya

Sandung Ngabe Sukah

Sandung Ngabe Sukah is a tomb of the founder Palangkaraya, located on Pahandut district. Sandung is a small rectangular building, made of…

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