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Saturday July 11th 2020

Jembatan Kahayan Palangka Raya

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Jembatan Kahayan on Flickr by Yudi Darma.jpg 300x199 Jembatan Kahayan Palangka RayaKahayan Bridge is located at S.Parman street, Pahandut District Palangkaraya. With length of 460 meters and width of 9 meters, the bridge is located just above the transverse lane of S. Parman Street. Kahayan bridge is one of main city landmark of Palangkaraya. Its presence brough fresh air and adds more attraction for citizens in Palangkaraya.

One foot of the bridge is located above the lanes of S. Parman street, then stretched and preched above river Kahayan.

While on the bridge,  we can see a beautiful panorama of the river flow of Kahayan with motor boats sailed there. the activities of people boarded the boat, fishermen catching fish and others. We can also see the beauty of the bulidings, the houses along the edge of groove of Kahayan river.

Location : Jalan S.Parman


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