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Sunday May 27th 2018

History of Palangka Raya

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bundaran besar 300x198 History of Palangka RayaThe History of establishment of Palangkaraya City is an integral part of the establishment of Central Kalimantan Province based Emergency Law No. 10 of 1957, State Gazette No. 53 entered into force on May 23, 1957, hereinafter called the Act Formation Autonomous Region Central Kalimantan province.

Then the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia on May 11, 1959, which sets out the division of Central Kalimantan Province in 5 (five) districts and the capital Palangkaraya.

With the enactment of the Act, then established the transfer of the place and position of the Government of Central Kalimantan to Palangkaraya commencing on December 20, 1959.

Furthermore, the Central District resident Kahayan Pahandut gradually changes to get additional duties and functions, such as preparing Township Palangkaraya. Middle Kahayan is led by Assistant district officer, who at the time was J. M. Nahan.

The Gradual improvement of Kahayan district is more apparent after Mr. Tjilik Riwut inducted as Governor of Central Kalimantan I on December 23, 1959 by the Minister of of Home Affairs, and the District of Central Kahayan Pahandut moved to Bukit Rawi. On May 11, 1960 also formed Municipal District of Palangka ,Special for Preparation of Palangkaraya led by J. M. Nahan. Furthermore, since the date of June 20, 1962 its led by W. COENRAD by the title Municipal Government as the Chief Administrative Palangkaraya.

Alteration, improvement and establishment conducted for completeness Township Administrative Palangkaraya to form 3 (three) districts, namely:

Sub Palangka in Pahandut
District of Bukit Batu in Tangkiling
Sub petuk Ketimpun in Marang Ngandurung Langit.
Then in early 1964, District Palangka in Pahandut split into 2 (two) districts, namely:
Sub Pahandut in Pahandut
Sub Palangka in Palangka Raya

So the Township Administrative Palangkaraya already have 4 (four) districts and 17 (seventeen) village, which means the terms and conditions to be one of the autonomous municipality can be reached as well as the passing of an Act to establish the Municipal Administrative Palangkaraya, then formed autonomous Township of  Palangkaraya .

The inauguration Township Palangkaraya into an autonomous municipality attended by the Chairman of Commission B DPRGR, Mr. LS Handoko WIDJOYO, members DPRGR, State Department officials, Deputy Regional Inter Borneo Brigadier General M. Panggabean, Deyahdak II Kalimantan, South Kalimantan Regional Government Representative and several other Senior Officials Kalimantan.

The inauguration ceremony  took place on the field Ngalangkang Hill City Hall courtyard. As a historical record that can not be forgotten before the inauguration ceremony held at 08.00 am skydiving demonstration held by bringing lambing Palangkaraya Township.

On that day by the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Governor of Central Kalimantan level I Mr Tjilik Riwut was appointed as  Palangkaraya Municipal authorities and the Ministry of Municipal of Home Affairs handed symbol of Palangkaraya.

At the inauguration ceremony of the Autonomous Municipality of Palangkaraya dated June 17, 1965, the Township authorities Palangkaraya handed Golden Child Lock (weighing 170 grams) by the Minister of Home Affairs to the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Continued with the unveiling of the Mayor’s Office nameplate of Palangkaraya which until now celebrated as the Day of Palangkaraya city.

City Motto of Palangkaraya
Isen Mulang
To abstain from Give up, To abstain from Look Back, Looking Forward

Acronym of Palangkaraya
kota “CANTIK
C = Terencana (Planned)
A = Aman (Safe)
N = Nyaman (Confortable)
T = Tertib (Orderly)
I = Indah (Beautiful)
K = Keterbukaan (Openness)

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