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Sunday July 12th 2020

Danau Tahai / Lake Tahai

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danau tahai 300x182 Danau Tahai / Lake TahaiUnusual color of the water makes this lake is different from the others. The houses that floating above it is equally interesting to look at. This is lake Tahai in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan.

Tahai Lake is located in the village of Tahai, Tumbang Tahai, District Bukit Batu, Palangkaraya. The lake is very interesting to visit while on vacation in Central Kalimantan. In addition to a strategic location, about 29 km from the center of Palangkaraya, Tahai lake also has an unusual color of water.

Yes, the water in Lake Tahai is not green or blue, but reddish. Unique isn’t it? The red color comes from the roots of trees on peatland. Usually, tourists that come to Lake Tahai are not just wanted see the unique color of the water, but also to enjoy the rural atmosphere on the edge of the woods.

Around Lake Tahai, you can see many houses that float on the surface of the lake. The house is called rumah Lanting. It is a quite interesting tourist attractions in lake Tahai. Still on the lake, visitors can walk over the bridge that connects the road to the forest.

Lots of activities that you can do, like visiting Fantasy Beach during a visit to Lake Tahai, like playing a swan boats, paddle boats or even karaouke. There are also visitors who came to the lake simply just to enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying the cool air.

Not far from the lake, there is a captive orangutans belong to Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) near the Arboretum. If you arrive on a Sunday or public holiday, the breeding will be open to the public, you can see the cute orangutan behavior patterns directly from the cage.

Tired of touring, you can rest lounging on the existing hut near the bridge. If its geting dark and wanted to stay, you do not need to worry, in the vicinity of Lake Tahai, many lodging you can rent cheaply. Lodger price range here is Rp 75.000-Rp.200.000.

For visitors that use public transportation, you can ride the bus of Palangkaraya-Sampit with the distance around 30 km. Then drops in the village Tahai and continued walking toward the location. For visitors that bring a personal vehicle, you can go straight to the Tahai lake on the edge  of Palangkaraya-Sampit highway .

Location : Jalan Tjilik Riwut km 29 toward Sampit

Map of Danau Tahai of Palangkaraya

Images of danau Tahai of Palangkaraya

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