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Saturday September 21st 2019

Merdeka Bridge Murung Raya

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a fisherman on their boat with merdeka bridge as its baground 300x200 Merdeka Bridge Murung RayaMerdeka Bridge is a bridge that crossed the river Barito, Murung Raya regency , Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The bridge is located in the village of Bahitom, Murung district, that connects Puruk Cahu with the rest of the Muara Teweh and South Kalimantan.

This bridge has a length of 550 meters and a width of 7 meters and has a size of 1×2 meter for its pavement, building materials using concrete and steel frame.

Before the bridge was established, citizens should take across 2 or 4 wheel vehicle to the center of the Puruk Cahu from Muara Teweh or Banjarmasin using the ferry  at a cost of 10-30 thousand Rupiah. Once the bridge is completed, the transportation of goods become fluent so that the distribution becomes easier.

In the afternoon, a lot of people who spent the afternoon at this place while enjoying the view of the Barito River. Enjoying the  fishing boat passing and tethered on a  fishing village is very interesting to enjoy. Beside that, one simply stunning scenery that can be seen from the bridge when the weather is sunny are a  mountains towering like a mountain Bondang and so on.

The bridge that built from 2003 to 2008 was the pride of Murung Raya’s citizens.

Location : Bahitom village , Murung District , Murung Raya , Central Borneo

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