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Friday July 19th 2019

Liang Pandan , Murung Raya

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liang pandan cascade 300x200 Liang Pandan , Murung RayaOne of the tourist attraction in Murung Raya is Liang Pandan, which is located in the center of the Puruk Cahu town. The name Liang Pandan is taken from the original language of Dayak Siang, were Liang mean cave/hole, while pandan mean bat. So Literally , Liang Pandan mean a cave with a lot of bats.

At this place we can also find river rapids almost like a waterfall, but people prefer to call this place with Liang pandan waterfalls, because the cave was already covered by the houses of citizens which were built around the area. The fast-flowing water is the main attraction over here, especially with its two levels of fast-flowing water, around the river many great stones so interesting to look at. Surrounding shade trees make this place airy  so that you will feel relax here.

Location : Sanggarahan , Puruk Cahu , Murung Raya , Central Kalimantan

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