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Sunday July 12th 2020

Equator Monument, Murung Raya

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tugu equator Equator Monument, Murung RayaEquator monument is located in the forest in Tumbang Olong village, District Uut Danum, Murung Raya regency, Central Kalimantan. Equator monument which is the trajectory of the equator in rural districts of Central Kalimantan was built in 2001 by a timber company. 

During this time, equator monument in the rural districts of the Barito River, which is a division of the North Barito regency was still much unknown because it is quite far from Puruk Cahu, about 4 hours by road from the center of Puruk Cahu.

This monument consists of four milestones ironwood, each 0.30 meters in diameter, with a height of two front milestones  as high as 3.05 meters and a milestone in the back as place for circle and an pointing direction arrow  high  is 4.40 meters.

The diameter of the ciricle whith word EVENAAR in the middle of it is 2,11 meters. The length of the pointer is 2,15 meters , a plat with an inscription 114′ 2002” LG (OlvGr) shows the location of the founding pillar of the equator on the eastern longitude and  indicating that this monument is right on the equator line.

Equator monument attractions in the village area known locally as the village of Laas was also present forest locations, where there is a collection of Kalimantan’s typical plants maintained around the area by a timber company. In addition, along the logging roads are also other tourist locations such as Bumbun waterfalls and Skull Hill’s white sand.

Location : Tumbang Olong village, District Uut Danum, Murung Raya regency, Central Kalimantan. 

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