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Sunday September 22nd 2019

Bumbun Waterfall , Murung Raya

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Going up to the north, Not far from the dazzling Muller Schwaner Mountains, there are seven levels of waterfalls, can you imagine that ??

air terjun tambun1 Bumbun Waterfall , Murung RayaAir terjun Bumbun ( Bumbun Waterfall ) , so the locals call it. This waterfall is less than 100 meters from the road connecting Saripoi-Laas. Located in the village of Muara Tuhup / Tumbang Olong, District Uut Murung , Murung Raya District, Central Kalimantan. To reach this place , we can use car or motorcycle, 35 km from the center of Puruk Cahu.

Although this waterfall has seven levels, but we can not see the whole at once. From the bottom of Bumbun Waterfall, we can only see three of the seven levels of waterfalls. Its highs around 30s feet high.

About 7 km from Water Falls shelter to the north, precisely in Laas, District Uut Murung, there’s an Equatorial Monument or equator  memorial indicating that this area is right on the equator. However, this is not as big as the equator monument  in Pontianak, West Kalimantan .

Location :

Muara Tuhup village / Tumbang Olong , Uut Murung District , Murung Raya , Central Kalimantan , 35 km from Puruk Cahu.

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