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Ujung Pandaran Beach

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Ujung Pandaran beach is one of the prime tourist attractions in East Kotawaringin. The beach is famous for its white sand and a wealth of marine life stretches tens of kilometers from the East Kotawaringin to the  Seruyan regency borders.  Ujung Pandaran Beach is kind of a sloping beach.

On this beach, visitors can see the a vast white sand, the line of palm trees that when viewed from a distance as if it fencing this beach, the waves were pretty big, and the wealth of marine life of this coast. On the Beach there are many jellyfish, stingrays, various types of small fish that live on coral reefs, and others.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the natural scenery, visitors can also see traditional rituals Simah Laut by local fishing communities for generations. Simah Laut is decline bad luck ritual performed by the fishermen of  Ujung Pandaran before embarking on a cruise out to sea to catch fish. The annual ritual is performed every 10th of the month of Shawwal, or ten days after Eid. Prior to this event, usually the local community work together to clean the beach. Once the beach is clean enough , Simah Laut ritual held by  washed out various offerings  to sea. By local communities, the ritual is believed to bring safety and provide an abundance of sustenance for fishing.

Ujung Pandaran Beach is located in the village of Ujung Pandaran, Sampit Bay District, East Kotawaringin , Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

From the city of Sampit, visitors must go through the journey along approximately 85 km to reach the location of this beach.

Location : JL Haji Muhamad Arsyad ,Ujung Pandaran village , Sampit Bay District

Map of Ujung Pandaran Beach

Images of Ujung Pandaran Beach, East Kotawaringin

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