Sunday July 12th 2020

Welcome To East Kotawaringin

    Pantai Ujung Pandaran

    East Kotawaringin is one of the regency in Central Kalimantan province. The capital of the regency is located in Sampit. The regency lies between 1110 0 50-1130 0 46 east longitude and 00 23 14-30 32 54 South Latitude. East Kotawaringin Region in the north bordering with Katingan and Seruyan, east by Katingan, west of the border with Seruyan regency while the south bordering by the Java Sea. The total area of 16.496 km, consisting of thirteen districts, 132 rural and 12 villages.

    Bundaran Bupati SampitEast Kotawaringin have cultural tours and superior natural beauty for domestic and foreign tourists. Number of cascade available in District Antang Kalang can be used as a venue for rafting trip. Furthermore, there is a culture of togetherness in a rumah betang, a traditional house located in District Antang Kalang in Tumbang Gagu. Another interesting place is the Ujung Pandaran beach, located in Sampit Bay District. This beautiful beach is directly overlooking the Java Sea, the rustling of small waves crashing into the beach is more perfect, calm and peaceful when witnessing the presence of the sun in the distance emits a warm glow. This beach is situated 85 km south of Sampit Town Center, not far from cross road Sampit - Kuala Pembuang (Seruyan regency).

    Pelabuhan sampit While Sampit, the capital of this regency offers a lot of tourism attractions,such as Bundaran bupati, the main lanmark of the city, Mentaya river is another beatiful tourism in the city, with Tourism boat called Kapal Wisata Sungai, it offers a scenery of everyday life out of citizens who depend on it. The growing city also have a shopping mall named Mentaya Mall offers a shoping paradise for everyone who loves it. Not far from the city, toward Pangkalan Bun, we can see a monument which was established to commemorate the ethnic tragedy several years ago. This Dayak-style monument stands firmly in the middle of a roundabout. In Museum Kayu, we can learn the history of Sampit and East Kotawaringin. Visit East Kotawaringin today, a place by Mentaya river.

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