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Thursday May 23rd 2019

The Mangrove River Beach Attractions should be developed

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Palangka Raya – The Central Kalimantan Provincial Parliament declared that a thousand pine attraction beach also known as the mangrove river beach, which is located in the Sungai Bakau village, Seruyan Hilir District , Seruyan Regency, should be developed in order to be a prime tourist attraction in Central Kalimantan.

“In addition to its beauty,the mileage towards the attraction is only about 1 km east of the capital of Seruyan regency”, said one of a member of parliament from the commission c.

Acording to him , the location of  that tourism attraction, is the first beach that linked as the center of tourism development and its very potential with white sand, natural scenery and the waves Java Sea coast,which is very attractive to tourists.

With financial support from the province of Central Kalimantan regional budget, the supporting facilities to this tourist sites can be developed, so that it can be reached with a two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel fo only 15 minutes from the city of kuala Pembuang, the capital Seruyan regency.

For consideration, this time, this attraction was frequently visited by urban from Kuala Pembuang city and its surroundings area, where the average visit from 1,000 to 6,000 people on day off, especially on religious holidays. In celebration of the new year 2012, the number of visitors to the Mangrove River Beach reaches 10,000 people.

The facility that already available in this beach is a gazebo, stage entertainment, a suspension bridge connecting to the island of a thousand pine ( pulau seribu cemara ), food stalls providing fishermen catch fish, crabs and other marine products such as dried shrimp, shrimp paste, dried fish and so forth.

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