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Thursday May 23rd 2019

The Battle of Kupang Island

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palangkaraya1Once, Temanggung Sempung awarded with a daughter named Nyai Undang, a daughter who was very beautiful in appearance, like the goddess fell from heaven. Then Temanggung Sempung intends to take Sangalang,the grandson  of Karangkang to be his son-in-law.

So spread the news everywhere about the beauty of Nyai Undang, and the news came to King of Laut Kingdom was named Sawang. Then came King Sawang with his hosts, with intent to marry Nyai Undang. And he promised with all his hosts, if he meant to marry Nyai Undang was not accepted, he will declare war to the city of Kupang’s Island.

Long story short, shout Accompanied by cheers and shouts of his escorts, then King Sawang arrived at the palace of Nyai Undang. But alas, when the king Sawang would set foot on Nyilu Wooden-door palace gates, King Sawang fell, exhausted all his limbs joints, such as those who are not powerful anymore. Seeing such things then Nyai Undang took Dohong Raca Holeng Joha, Kahajun Duun Suna Taja Panulang Karing, Hitan Iung pundan, Sanaman Mantikei(a metal machete) from Hulu Katingan Kuman Raha. Because King Sawah was Sawuh (berserk), Nyai Undang berserk, all the army of King Sawang in Banama killed. King Sawang army suffered defeat and surrender. And those who live taken as captives and made Jipen or slave.

Some of the peoples of King Sawang and King Nyaliwan (King of the North) are still alive can escape and bringing news of the battle. Upon hearing this that all the people of King Sawang vowed to take revenge for the death of its King. All the armies of King Sawang that become prisoners had eventually mating and married with the woman of Dayak tribe, so that they become one large derivative which eventually also became the ancestors of the  Bakumpai tribe is Tamanggung Pandung Tandjung Kumpai Dohong, from Barangas tribe is Suan  Ngantung Rangas Tingang, and from Alalak tribe is Imat Andjir Serapat.

The news that the King Sawang Kingdom will strike KupangIsland get to Nyai Undang. So Nyai Undang sent their representatives to Tumbang Pajangei. And along with a messenger was sent a Lonjo Bunu or  Bunu spear as letters. The message was sent to Rambang, Ringkai, Tambun, Bungai in Tumbang Pajangei. Which purpose of the Bunu spear is requesting reinforcements to fight.

With no much thought and a waste of time, Rambang and Ringkai brought Temanggung Bungai Andin Sindai the son of Temanggung Sempung ,the most daring and brave, and King Tambun Tandjung Ringkin Duhong the son of Serupoi . Both are heroes who pangkamenteng pangkamamute ( the strongest and the bravest). Since both of these heroes has never suffered defeat.

The names of the commanders who took part to defend the island of Kupang is:

1. Njaring, the son of Ingoi from Hulu Miri
2. Bungai the son of Ramping from Tumbang Miri
3. Temanggung Kandeng the nephew of Piak Batu Nocoi Riang Naroi
4. Isoh Batu Nyiwuh
5. Etak kampong Tewah
6. Temanggaung Handjungan from Sare Rangan
7. Temanggung Basi Atang from Penda Pilang
8. Temanggung Sekaranukan from Tumbang Manyangen
9. Temanggung Renda from Baseha
10. Temanggung Rangka from Tumbang Rio
11. Temanggung Kiting from Tanjung Riu
12. Temanggung Lapas from kampung Baras Tumbang Miwan
13. Temanggung Basir Rumbun from teluk Haan
14. Temanggung Hariwung from Tumbang Danau
15. Temanggung Dahiang bapa Buadang from Sepang Simin
16. Temanggung Ringkai and Tombong from Tangkahen
17. Temanggung Uhen from kampung Manen
18. Temanggung Kaliti from Rawi
19. Rakau Kenan from Tumbang Rungan
20. Temanggung Kandang Henda Pulang from Sugihan (Guhong)
21. Temanggung Andin from Pulau Kantan

Soon the cooperation and mutual understanding with each other, then the city was ready complete with weapons. So they gave the city the name Pamatang Sawang town mean always ready to welcome the enemy. Nyai Undang’s palace headed by Temanggung Rambang. All the warlords of the Barito river, the Kapuas, Kahayan, Katingan, Seruyan had gathered in the town. All in One with determination with the basis of cooperation. Soon, the enemy (Asang) also came. The number of Asang who comes approximately 10,000 men.

Before the war began , Temanggung Rambang and Temanggung Ringkai divine and sang. Then all of a sudden the eagle came and signaled win. With no fear of death, they fight and attack the enemy which was much bigger than them. With the tools and all the weapons heritage of the Dayak ancestors, the battle went into horror. Blood flows from the body of a dead enemy armies, moisten the soil and makes the river turn red in color. But the Commander-Chief of all Dayak tribe no one was injured or killed by enemy weapons, because they wear heritage of Ranying.

Saw the agility, excellence and unflinching of Nyai Undang’s army , then they gave up with Marup. In the battle so fierce that Temanggung Rambang is a very meritorious because he can cut the head of Asang. All the heads of the enemy were killed.

Once the battle is finished then held a big party to reward Temanggung Rambang with blood ofchicken, pig, cow ,and blood of people who had been killed, so that no plague ,says the Indigenous Dayak. In the party, all the delegates from all over Borneo Dayak tribe invited. The party had gathered approximately 34 representatives of the Dayak. Whose names are written as follows:

1. Manan from hulu Kahayan
2. Londoi from Tabahoi
3. Djato from Bahoi
4. Ibong from Buit Kalimantan Utara
5. Ikuh from Tinggalan (Tidong)
6. Tingang from Bukat (Dayak Bukat)
7. Kuit from hulu Rundit Bt Lupar
8. Parekoi fromSerawai
9. Tunda Luting from Samba Katingan
10. Dekoi from Malahoi
11. Unei from dayak Sahiei
12. Tamban from Katingan
13. Mahat from Mahalat
14. Etas from hulu Kapuas
15. Dalong from Hampotong
16. Umbing from Manuhing
17. Tukoh from Mamaruh
18. Gana from Mentaya
19. Nuhan from Saruyan
20. Bakan from Rungan
21. Sindi from Miri
22. Bahon from Bahaun
23. Sawang from Siang
24. Djohan from Taran
25. Sota Munan from Maanyan
26. Pahan from Kalangan
27. Sakai from Serawai
28. Manoui from Rakaoi
29. Punan from Heban
30. Hinan from Dusun
31. Djaman from Kabatan
32. Ritu from Uru
33. Lati from Pari
34. Nanau from Lamandau

palangkaraya1After completion of the party, then comes the big party to marry Temanggung Sangalang with Nyai Undang in Pematang sawang, Kupang Island. And besides that, Mangku Djangkan also held a big party on the island of Kantan to mated Njaring the son of Ingoi with Manjang, the daughter of Mangku Djangkan, the feast took seven days and nights long.

A note about Kupang Island Pematang Sawang. The King of the city is changing hereditary. And the city also changed frequently. Only in  tetek tatum (news and story) not told about the change the city. Nowadays in that place there are cannons and relics of the former. There also build a a river ditch that named the Terusan Bataguh . Until now often called Bataguh city. Ulin wood pillars and walls of the city was extented of not less than 5 square kilometers.

(Source: Kalimantan Membangun written by  Tjilik Riwut).

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