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Thursday May 23rd 2019

Tangkiling Hill and a Stone Flanking the Sin

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Down the hill in the Palangkaraya, will not complete if you have not climbed  on this one hill, Bukit Tangkiling. Located far from the city center, exactly Jl Tjilik Riwut Km 32 toward outside the city. From all over view, appear lush wooded hills.

To enter the foothills area, from District Banturung, we have to cover a distance of 1600 m, through the occasional paved roads flooded when it rains heavily. New difficulties felt after being on a ridge when having to go through a steep and ramp  lay in front of the eyes.

Tangkiling hill, with a high about 500 m, is believed to save millions of legends and magical powers. Standing tall, towering sky, located on the border of the village of Bantarung-Tangkiling Bukit Batu District, Palangkaraya. It took about 40 minutes to reach the peak.

Stone Flanking the Sin

That said, in the past, the surrounding area in the form of a river, covering the eye could see, what appears is water. Like the story of the Malin Kundang, the prodigal son, Tangkiling too, condemned for iniquity. Transformed the river where he sailed into the land and hills. While the boat and all the luggage, turned into a large rocks as big as houses.

Tangkiling itself, becauseof his sins, must be willing wedged between his chambers, now known as the stone flanking sin. Indeed, the stone flanking sin, believed, derived from Tangkiling’s  chamber that swap by the wind and then changes petrified like any other object.

“If the person possess a sin, they can not be passed between two rocks, and squeezed,” said Nyai Handang, a Tangkiling Village resident who often climb the hill with her family.  She told  the story based on the belief that they receive hereditary.

Once, she said, there are sort of memorial or ritual performed near the stone, the function asks the forgiveness of sins which have been conducted. The offerings also presented, extending a variety of traditional cakes and incense that sting the nose. “We pray in accordance to what religious belieft that we profess ,” she added. Has anyone stuck there? Laughing, she said, knowingly, it had never happened, except for that befell of Tangkiling, so it’s wedged between two rocks.

“Maybe, because its time has changed, the power was never revealed again,” she said. Even so, she argues, the belief in the magical power of the stone, is still outstanding and trusted by the community. In fact, several accidents have occurred in the surrounding  of Tangkiling Hill.

While Juhran, a former employee at the Village Banturung Radio Communications, said, in Bukit Tangkiling there are a variety of stone, and the stone of flanking sin  is only one of it. According to him, there banama stone, Ring stone and  crater stone that located on a hilltop.
Crater Stone , believed to be the incarnation of Tangkiling’s boat that capsized, and petrified. Crater Stone , by the surrounding community is also known as the rinjing stone, because of its shape which resembles rinjing or skillet.
“When I was on duty, I was going up the hill every day. Due at the top of the hill is the most effective place to deliver and receive information, its voice more clearly,” he said.

Giant Centipede

According to the public trust again, according to the narrative of Ayesha, around rocks flanking sin, lived a giant centipede, the size of a palm tree.
“In fact, in addition to the stone flanking sin, there is also halilipan (centipede-red) of palm stems,” she said. However, as with stones flanking sin, giant centipedes never again reveal itself, as in the bare earth disappeared. “The time has changed, making them appear never again,” she reasoned.

Just like the narrative of Nyai Handang, upon arrival back at base camp, in the pouring rain, a group of school children were surprised by the screams one of their friend. Suddenly, the people who were there gasp, turns out a guy teenager was bitten by a centipede as big as thumb. Indeed, centipedes were crawling animals with poison. Its venom can cause fever, prolonged.

“It could be, these centipedes, is thegiant centipedes grandson that ever told”, they shouted chimed.

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