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Saturday July 11th 2020

Legend of Bukit Batu

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Bukit Batu , now better known as the Hermitage for National Hero and Central Kalimantan Hero Tjilik Riwut, located in Central Kalimantan. Currently, by the Government of Central Kalimantan ,it has been established as a spiritual attractions.

A long story  of the emergence of Bukit Batu hermitage begins with the story of a villager  from Tumbang Liting Named Burut Ules. He was a highly knowledgeable and powerful man. One day, he went alone to go somewhere to make way for farming. Without a friend, he was working hard, clear the forest, build a hut for a place to rest, without forgetting the tradition of his ancestors which is begging for permission to every unseen creature which is not visible to the physical eye, the keeper of the area.

Burut Ules : “I’m very tired”

One afternoon when Burut Ules felt tired, he rest  for a moment under a centuries old tall shady tree . With a cushioned hand sleeping position , He staring ahead. The sun was blazing, but being in the jungle, a gentle breeze touching his skin softly, feels airy , and drowsiness began to come attack. However, when Burut Ules almost asleep, he was startled and jumped up.

He saw seven beautiful women , so charming down from the heavens straight into the lake that stood by. It was light rain that day, but the sun still shines with heat. Witnessing this, by sneaking Burut Ules approached the lake. While hiding, he peered the small group. The girls immediately undress, topless, and plunge swimming, cheerful, full of laughter and excitement.

Burut Ules stunned, his eyes was unblinking witnessed the sight. One of the youngest in the group, her mosion and moved has fascinated Burut Ules . Unbeknownst by her, his eyes stared at the virgin. Right then and there, Burut Ules fell in love.

Burut Ules : “wow, she is very beautiful”.

After being satisfied bath and swimming, a small group went up to the land, re-dressed and jumped into the air toward heaven. Since then Burut Ules felt troubled, restless. He was very sorry for him why at the time he did not immediately embrace the younger women who are wearing clothes after bath, while the distance between them is not much. His remorse is so whack, he cannot eat and sleep well.

One day when the sun was shining and a light rain fell, Burut Ules rushed into the bushes to wait and observe the lake where her love one bath.His Effort and his wait was worth it, not long after, his love one seen at the sky with her sister dived into the lake. Witnessing this, the heart of  Burut Ules almost dislodged. Slowly, Burut Ules took a deep breath to calm himself.

Then Burut Ules saw a repeated scenes he had ever witnessed. The seven newly arrived straight virgin undress, cheerfully plunged into the lake, bath and swam, full of laughter. But when they are on the ground back to dress,  Burut Ules suddenly appeared among them, and immediately hugged her love one. Panic ensued,the small group hastily put on their clothes and jump straight into the sky, leaving the youngest sister who scared in the bear hug of Burut Ules.

When all her sister had gone away, the youngest said to Burut Ules,

Youngest nymph : “Why did you hold me? What have I done? And what do you want? If you wanted to kill me, please kill me, I will not fight.”

Burut Ules was unable to answer the staright question ,and he simply replied briefly: I love you and will you marry me? ‘The youngest nymph reply Burut Ules hugs and eventually they officially became husband and wife.

Furthermore Burut Ules hide the clothes once worn by his wife when they first met. He worried that his wife will leave him if the clothing worn by the wife again. Then he gave new clothing made from bark to his wife. Long story short,  Burut Ules wife was pregnant  and was born a boy. Burut Ules lives happily with his wife and child.

One day ,a young man appeared,Mamut Menteng, black, big tall visiting the family.Burut Ules Wife  introduced to her husband that the young man was one of his relatives who came to visit them.

Mamut Menteng : “Let me introduce myself , my name is Mamut Menteng.”

Youngest nymph : “He is my brother.”

Burut Ules : “What a good suprise, my name is Burut Ules , i’m your beautiful sister’s husband.”

Burut Ules accept the presence of the young man well, and even helped the young man allowed to stay in his home. Still, over time, Burut Ules feel suspicious because every time his wife take a bath in the lake, they always go together, swimming cheerful, and only two of them.

She left their  their baby alone in the shack. Jealousy began to appear, but if Burut Ules asked that, his wife always gave the same answer, that young man is indeed her brother.

Reprimand for the not to bath together in the lake has been given, but the event of shared pool remains well continues. Burut Ules’s Anger was mounting . One day, at the right time, Burut Ules stabbed the tall black young man with a spear to death and his body instantly invisible. Although the spear used to kill had been hidden, but his wife eventually managed to find it out.

When Burut Ules returning home, he met his wife standing in the doorway, holding their son. When he saw Burut Ules come, with a tone full of grief his wife said that he was very sad and disappointed that her husband no longer believe even bear to kill her brother.

Therefore, she determined to return to her home, bringing in their son. Before leaving, his wife said:

Youngest nymph : “Someday in the future if you need help, then our children will always be ready to help. Later, when our children have grown up, he can not live and dwell in the realm where his mother was, because his father and mother came from a different realm. Therefore, if our children had grown up, he will return to his father realm”.

 Having said that, the child and the mother disappeared from Burut Ules sight and Burut Ules become infinitely sad.

Regret it later was useless. Burut Ules  trying to get up from his grief. He spent his days working hard, Exhausted, sleep and work again, work, work, and continue to work. That whole time was spent to take care of farm work, fishing and many other activities.

Time passed, bit by bit Burut Ules able to recover from the grief caused by abandoned by his wife and child. Then he married a woman named Anak Kutat. From this marriage was born two children, a man and a woman. It is believed that up to now  Burut Ules is never dead but magicaly dissapeared to other realms.

One day in Teluk Derep, Tumbang Kasongan, the sound of clap of thunder deafening  . Lightning and flash snapped  and grabbed. At that moment, a huge stone descended from the sky. It is believed that the children who have magicaly disspaeared with his first wife, has grown. As promised, if he would have grown,he will be back to the realm where his father lived, the promise has been kept. The Stone derived from the sky which became known as the Bukit Batu believed to be the place of Burut Ules’s residence, though it is invisible to the physical eye, but he was there as the King and the ruler of the area.


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