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Thursday May 23rd 2019

Dayak Maanyan tribe of Central Borneo

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Maanyan  tribe is one of the sub tribe Dayak and also one of the Dusun tribes (Eastern Barito Group) that is also called  Maanyan Dusun. Dusun tribes belonged  Ot Danum’s, one of the Dayak’s groups that is also called the  Dayak Maanyan.

Dayak Maanyan
Total Populations
around 71.000
Regions with sicnificant population
Central Borneo: 71.000.
Maanyan. Kapuas, Banjar , Indonesia
Kaharingan, Cristian, Moslem
nearest etnic group
Banjar, Dusun Witu, Paku,Dusun Malang


Maanyan tribes inhabiting the eastern part of Central Kalimantan, especially in East Barito district and part of the South Barito district called Maanyan I. Maanyan tribes also inhabited the northern part of South Kalimantan regency precisely in Tabalong called Dayak Warukin. Dayak Balangan (Dusun Balangan) located in the District Balangan and Dayak Samihim  located in the district Kotabaru are also classified into Maanyan tribe. Maanyan tribe in South Kalimantan classified as Maanyan II.

Maanyan is emerging  in the census in 2000 and is 2.80% of the population of Central Kalimantan, formerly Maanyan tribe incorporated into the Dayak tribe in the census of 1930.

According to the Maanyan, before occupying the residence of now, they are from the downstream (South Kalimantan). Although now East Barito region was not included in South Kalimantan, but the area was formerly included in the Sultanate of Banjar, before it merged into the Dutch East Indies in 1860, which is the Sultanate of Banjar that have shrunk and have no access to the sea, because the regions surrounded by the Netherlands.

According to the website “Joshua Project” ,Maanyan tribe are reach 71,000 populations. According to oral literature of Maanyan tribe, after the attack Marajampahit (Majapahit) to the Kingdom of Nan Sarunai, this tribe is scattered into several sub-ethnic. The tribe is divided into 7 subetnis, including:

  • Maanyan Patai
  • Maanyan Paku
  • Maanyan Paju Epat (pure maanyan)
  • MaanyanDayu
  • Maanyan Paju Sapuluh (influeted by Banjar)
  • Maanyan Jangkung(influeted by Banjar)
  • Maanyan Benua Lima/Paju Lima (influeted by Banjar)
  • Maanyan Warukin (influeted by Banjar)

The uniqueness of Maanyan’s tribe, among other are they practiced agriculture, elaborate funerals, and called shaman (healer) to treat their disease.

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