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Sunday May 27th 2018


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Central Kalimantan is one of the biggest Provinces in Indonesia with area total 1,53,564 km2 or one-third from total Kalimantan Island, or equal to Java and Madura Island. Most of it, is jungle (80%), swamps, rivers and agriculture land. The northern area is mountainous and difficult to reach. The central area is dense and fertile tropical forest, producing valuable commodities such as rattan, resin and the best woods. The southern area is swampy and has many rivers.

The province has a population of just over 2.2 million according to the 2010 Census. Central Kalimantan is dominated by the Dayaks, the indigenous inhabitants of Borneo. Many Tourist attractions available in Cental Kalimantan , such as beach , rainforest , hills , mountain and so on. The ecotourism is the main tourist attractions in Central Borneo tourism , offered two of main Indonesia’s national Park , which is Sebangau National Park and Tanjung Puting National Park. At those National Park , tourist can find a biodiversity flora and Fauna , such as the main artist of Cental Kalimantan , Orang Utan.

Another insight that cannot be missed in Central Kalimantan is the live on the River. There are two main rivers in Cental Kalimantan, which is Kahayan River and Kapuas River, and so the River has an important role people in Central Kalimantan. Although the land and air transportation has been rapidly developing , the river is still has an important meaning for people in transportation. Transportation facilities are limited much to the rough terrain. Central Kalimantan Province, cover one municipalities and thirteen regencies: Palangka Raya Municipality, West Kotawaringin regencyEast Kotawaringin regency, Kapuas regency, South Barito regency, North Barito regency,Katingan regency, Sukamara regency, Seruyan regency, Gunung Mas regency, Pulang Pisau regency, Lamandauregency, East Barito regency and Murung Raya regency. Central Kalimantan has a humid and hot climate, due to its position right crossed by the equator.