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Friday March 22nd 2019

Central Borneo at a Glance
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  • Legend of Bukit Batu

    THE ORIGIN OF BUKIT BATU Bukit Batu , now better known as the Hermitage for National Hero and Central Kalimantan Hero Tjilik Riwut, located in Central Kalimantan. Currently, by the Government of Central Kalimantan ,it has been established as a spiritual attractions. A long story  of the emergence of Bukit Batu hermitage begins with the […]

    Tiwah,the Death Ritual by the Dayak of Central Borneo
    Sejumlah ahli waris yang dipimpin oleh pemuka agama Hindu Kaharingan

    Tiwah ritual is a procession that is intended to deliver ancestral spirits of relatives who has passed away to the afterlife by way of cleanse and move the rest of the body from the grave to a place called sandung. Ritual tiwah is unique and distinctive culture, because it is only done by the Dayak […]

    Bapapai tradition in Central Borneo

    Indigenous Cultural of  Bakumpai Tribes, called “Bapapai” is still alive and thriving among the inland of Central Kalimantan Province. The cultural traditions are held mainly in the process of traditional tribal marriage of  Bakumpai.  Bapapai Ritual, is an event of flower bathing by bride held at night, usually after the ceremony on  8:00 PM until 10:00 […]

    A Hundreds of years Baluntang , an Unrecorded Cultural Statue
    baluntang sculptur dayak maanyan central borneo

    Peoples of Dayak Maanyan calls it Baluntang, while in Dayak Ngaju it’s called Sapundu. Both of it has an almost same shape and function. Its age are hundreds.  Unfortunately, this archaeological heritage has not been officially registered  by the government Generally, for the dayak Maanyan, especially for those who embrace the Hindu Kaharingan religion , […]

    BADEWA, Disease Healing Ritual of Bakumpai
    badewa ritual of bakumpai

    BADEWA, is one of the typical rituals of Bakumpai Tribe which is a sub of Dayak Ngaju Tribe . The ceremony aims to heal the sick in , or in banjar languaged known as Batatamba. Badewa ritual grown and developed before Islam entered the Barito Kuala district. Starting from a family that is still relatively […]

    Dayak Tribe of Central Kalimantan
    dayak woman

    A Glance Explanation of Dayak Tribe of Central Kalimantan  The three big Dayak tribes who inhabit this province are Ngaju, Ot Danum, and Ma’anyan Ot Siang. Ngaju, like some other tribes, moves from one region to another. They adhere to the old Kaharingan religion, which is the form of ancestor worship, mixed with animism elements. […]

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