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Thursday May 6th 2021

Welcome To Barito Timur

Barito Timur is one of 13 regencies and 1 city in the province of Central Kalimantan. Had its capital in Tamiang Layang, Barito TImur is one of 8 Proliferation of the existing regencies in Central Kalimantan, formerly a servant city of Barito Selatan regency.

According to 2010' cencus, the population of Barito Timur regency approximately 96,820 with classification of 49,845 men and 46 975 women as well as the number of Households 25 697 families. East Barito region has a hilly topography with an altitude of 2-200 m above sea level. The main livelihood of Barito Timur's Population farming and plantation, with its flagship product rubber. Besides that, other livelihood is as traders and miners. Barito Timur is famous for its abundant natural resources of coal, which many in exploration by mining companies, both domestic and foreign companies.

Just like other districts on Barito basin, the major tribes that inhabit Barito Timur regency is Dayak tribe,especially Subtribe of Dayak Ma'anyan, followed by Dayak Bakumpai, Dayak Ngaju and so on. Beside that, many acculturation cames from the tribe of Banjar, considering, the history of Barito Timur was once the core area of the kingdom of Banjar since the Hindu and Buddhist era until the abolition of Kingdom of Banjar by the Dutch East Indies in 1860, and its location that only take 4 hour to the center of Banjarmasin , South Kalimantan capital.

East Barito much stores potential of tourism, both of which are managed and unspoiled. A variety of ecotourism can be found here, including cave hills, namely Liang Saragih and Liang Ayah. A Series of Waterfall, and Orchid nature park. In addition, various local festivals and cultural rituals can be found in these locations. Among other are Giring-giring dance, wadian dadas and wadian bulat, Maanyan's ritual like Abeh in Dayu district, and death rituals of dayak Maanyan.

Visit Barito Timur, The orchid of Barito River.